The history of Aldenese wine-growing can be traced back over to several centuries ago, when along the streets of this small Trentino town walked men who transformed their love for the land into some of the best wines in the region. In those days not much was needed: a piece of land, passion and patience. Cultivation techniques were refined during the Nineteenth century and the hills surrounding the town gradually began to be covered by pergola trellises, while on the valley floor, after the new course of the River Adige, the “cesure” marked the boundaries of those vines of particular quality which were flanked by new sandy and fertile terrains. The landscape was therefore characterised, so too were the people, who have made wine-growing the area’s principal activity on which their future and lives are built. And it is precisely this dream which in 1910 led a group of producers to bet on Aldeno wine, by deciding to unite their efforts into the Cantina Sociale di Aldeno (Aldeno Wine Growers’ Cooperative), an example of the fervent cooperative movement developing in the Trentino. The deed of establishment with the list of members of the Cantina Sociale’s first board documents the intuition of the farmers, who were aware that many small producers could have created a single solid identity, able to attain a significant image and strength in the market. A few years later a second cooperative was established: the Unione Vinicola Aldeno (Aldeno Wine-growing Union). The history of these two cooperatives will accompany the life of the Aldeno community and town for over half a century, until, in 1972 Cantina Sociale di Aldeno and Unione Vinicola Aldeno were fused into the Cantina Aldeno of today, which was established with the aim of keeping the traditional union of Aldeno and the grape alive.

De Tarczal

Our vineyards were once the land of the ancient and illustrious count Alberti family, which included one of the prince bishop of Trento, and came into possession of my family over a century ago. The land was part of the dowry of countess Alberti when she married Geza Adami de Tarczal, admiral of the royal austro-hungarian fleet, and my direct ancestor. Our wine production started to flourish in the golden years of the austro-hungarian empire, when “Marzemino” was always served at the imperial court. The territory vallagarina, a cradle for our grapes The Vallagarina, region in northern Italy, has been renowned for centuries for its fine quality and variety of distinguished grapes. The distinctive taste of wines produced here, has become a favorite selection of true connoisseurs everywhere. The reputation of its Cabernet, Marzemino and Schiava wines is due to both a gift of nature and human dedication. Soil, rich in basalt; ideal climate; and location (nestled between the mt. Baldo and mt. Bondone ranges) provide the perfect habitat for our fine grapes. Then we add the patience, care, and expertise of our growers and wine makers to produce wines of high excellence. Geographically, the vineyards are located at the mid-height of the mountains on the right side of the adige river. As long as can be remembered, grapes have been grown on our lands, and wines produced in our cellars, with records dating back to the mid 1600’s. The production coming only from grapes of our vineyards, is limited but highly selective, and our goal is to produce only genuine, classical wines which we achieve by employing old and well proved wine making procedures.


Torreggiani is the name of the Vineyard Company located on the slopes of Montenetto the hill emerging from the surrounding plains and stretches between the towns of Capriano del Colle and Poncarale. Close to the city of Brescia near Milan, it’s located into the Regional Protection Park of Montenetto.
The company is also present in Franciacorta, with its own reference for the production of all types of Franciacorta Docg: Brut, Millesimato and Satèn. The soil is calcareous and loose, geologically of morainic origin, as the white pebblestones which copiously surface the slopes of the hills planted with vines demonstrate.
Not only wine, but culture. This is the strong point of Torreggiani specialization in historic rebirth of wines. A philosophy which has its hub in the valuation and rediscovery of that wealth of knowledge, traditions.
After nearly 450 years of oblivion, the winery has revived the wine of the nobility of the XVI Century, as described by Agostino Gallo, the most important agronomist of the Italian Renaissance, author of the “Twenty days in agriculture and the pleasures of the villa,” published in 1564. Research affect the entire supply chain, including the study of vines grown in the sixteenth century. The vines are replicated on the same land and harvesting takes place as it did six centuries ago. The wine making is as faithful as possible to the dictates of the famous agronomist.

Villa Corniole

Villa Corniole is a private winery run by the Pellegrini family, who have cultivated vines for generations and over 10 years ago embraced the challenge to make wine for them selves. The setting is a small village in Trentino called Verla di Giovo, nestled within green hills, vinesand apple trees, surrounded by Dolomite Mountains. The winery itself has been chiselled out of the porphyritic rock mountain, which is typical of the Cembra Valley and is truly unique in its kind. Villa Corniole is a small winery with 10 hectares of vineyards in total. Some are located in the prosperous Piana Rotaliana, ideal for red grapes such as Teroldego and Lagrein, but also good for Pinot Grigio. Other vineyards are on the picturesque mountain terraces of the Cembra Valley providean unbelievable soil and climate for white grapes, like Müller Thurgau, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay. The work, both in the vineyard and in the winery, is carried out in harmony with tradition and environment and is of the high quality, proof of which are the many awards and recognitions obtained not only in Italy, but around the world. From the vineyard to the bottle, with hard work, technology and passion, we bring you a quality product we know you will enjoy. PELLEGRINI FAMILY
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